With a tailored design sprint by Studio C&G Inc.,

There’s No Goliath

Too Great

Take the stress out of developing software, put a stop to endless client requests, and quit fighting with that Frankenstein’d “solution” that just keeps making more work for your team to manage. 

Our tailored workshops help tech companies unpack complex problems, align key stakeholders with users, and produce user-tested prototypes in a matter of days so you can do more of what you do best: create great technology.

get More Work Done

Get More Work Done

Projects On Time

Deliver Projects On Time


Increase Profitability

Mind Reading

We Believe Your Time Is Best Spent Creating Award Winning Digital Products,
Not Reading Minds

With clients wanting more and more features in their applications, it’s almost impossible for a project not to fall victim to scope creep, resulting in wasted time and resources.

With a tailored design sprint, you can take back control of your development projects and complete them on time.

Helping You Become a
World Class Development Firm

Step 1

Deliver More Projects, Waste Less Time

While most firms rush to write code, top-tier firms know that just results in wasted time and resources. Smart teams invest in a tailored design sprint. They get clarity on what clients really want — and an actionable plan they can use to make the development process simpler so they can deliver more projects.

Benefit 2

Say Goodbye to Budget Overruns and Increase Your Profitability

Never-ending sprint cycles and scope creep can happen to any project, but is your team equipped to handle it? We give you the tools to quickly produce useful software with delightfully few revisions. Clients love the end result because they are deliberately planned and boasts a world-class user-experience.

Benefit 2
Benefit 3

Finally Understand What Clients and Users Really Want

Our design sprints dig into what your clients really want to build, helping to identify blind spots and potential pitfalls that can save your team a lot of stress down the road. The best part? As part of this process, we build a digital, high-fidelity prototype that’s user-tested and clearly documented — and ready for your team to take to development.

How We Work


How it Works 1

Book Your Strategy Session

Meet with our sprint facilitators to talk about you, your company, and your projects and see where we can add value.


How it Works 2

Be A Part of Your Tailored Design Sprint

Come in with your ideas or have us come along on your discoveries. Leave with a high-fidelity prototype, ready for production.


How it Works 3

Build Your Project Without the Stress

Take your newly created prototype to production with fewer revisions. 

We Get It, Shifting Requirements Suck.

If you wanted to keep hitting moving targets, you would have become an archer. But you’re not, you’re a development firm that’s on its way to becoming world class. With over 10 years of development and design experience, we have worked with successful development firms to deliver exceptional projects.

1000s of Projects

1000+ Projects Completed

Happy Customers

1000+ Happy Customers

Save Time

1000+ Hours Saved

Moving Targets Suck
Step on the Gas

Step on the Gas and
Focus on Your Digital Products

Stop the bleed from never-ending, ever-growing out of proportion projects. Start delivering more projects on time and increase your profitability.