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Get recognized with brand development and management

You want to build a solid business where you stand out from your competitors. To do that, you have to establish a “brand” built on a solid foundation of eye-catching graphics, clear messaging, and a practical understanding of your customer. Our job is to help you nail these points now and in the future so you can realize your long-term goals.

take the stress out of sales with Marketing Strategy and planning

A good sales plan is a good marketing plan, and you need one to make sure the money you’re spending on events, promotional material, and trade shows hits your KPIs.  Far from fluffy buzzwords, your marketing plan can be developed with the same rigor you take to planning any of your other campaigns.

new! stay up to date and look fresh with  Aniglyfx Graphic Design

If there is one thing that you do well, it’s keep on top of the latest trends and technology. Our unlimited design package allows you to keep up with changes to your business and create banners, booklets and brochures at a fraction of what it would cost to hire a full time designer.

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Packages and Pricing

Brand development and management

Studying Your Business, Customers, and Competitors

Defining Your Style

Logo Development

Brand Colour Selection

Branded Materials Development

Style Guidelines and Brand Use

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Marketing Strategy and PLanning

Studying Your Business, Customers, and Competitors

Understanding Your Sales Process

Developing a Strategy

Choosing Your Sales Channels

Updating Your Sales Materials

Social Media Content Calendars

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Webdesign and Content development

Studying Your Business, Customers, and Competitors

Domain Name Registration

Monthly Hosting

SEO Compliance


Nightly Backups and SSL Certificate

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What do you mean by “starting at”?

all of our packages are custom built with a formula

“Starting At” is often confused with “Arbitrary,” but let’s be clear, there is nothing made up about how we calculate our prices. “Starting At” is a starting point for our relationship, and like all relationships, there will be ups and downs. Just like you, we want to stick to a price, but here is how things can go up.

causes of cost increases and what you can do
  • Revisions: 90% of the time, revisions are meant to drive a project forward, and we welcome those whole heartedly, but for the other 10% of revisions, it’s more cost effective to get your project launched and out in the world, and then innovate as needed.
  • Communication: We love that you have great ideas, but since we can’t be at every meeting you hold, we miss out on all of the great details. The more information you can give us, the better we can help you grow your business.
  • Distractions: Technology changes all the time, but the Next Big Thing is not always the right thing for you. Staying focused keeps your project on schedule and allows us to have a base from which we can iterate.