About Us

Water Management App

Live well data for operation managers and engineers.

What Is it?

A web application that allows waterway companies to monitor key points in their operations. They are able to spot troubles, monitor water flow, troubleshoot, optimize, and also schedule operations through this application.

What We Did

Designed and prototyped a system where operators can navigate to their region via a map and look at areas of interest based on geography. The pervious system had users looking up lists of location IDs, but in some user interviews we found out that people actually work off of maps. We also designed a way for users to look at a more detailed view of what’s going on at different locations. There was a need to address alarms that came up and also study flow patterns.


Worked with a development team to flesh out the designs based on user interviews and project manager feedback. Product was launched and is under going continuous improvement.

The Process

  1. Interviewed clients to gather requirements and understand how existing water way monitoring tools work as well as the paper process that took place to document and chart water sensors.
  2.  Mapped out a usage flows for a manager and operators to check on water sensor alarms and alerts.
  3.  Designed, iterated, and prototyped a low fi mockup to test with stakeholders and a selected user group to test for acceptance and usability.
  4.  Produced high fi mockups and development assets for the development team.

The Design

The key element to this app is the sensor chart. Users would be able to navigate to the site’s details via the map, and then can study the pressures of that particular water way junction. From this chart, users can match up alerts and alarms that occur in the Gantt chart and compare with the pressure graph at the same time. This gives the water way operators more context into the alert and can quickly troubleshoot leakages or blockage problems.