About Us

Pipeline Activity Reporting Tool

Web app that reports on the current and historical status of pipeline capacity.

What Is it?

A web application reporting the current and historical status of pipeline capacity in different areas of client’s network. Historical charting, upcoming outages, annual notifications, and links to other internal applications
is also included in the application’s functionality.

What We Did

Working with the product owner, our role was to modernize an application originally created as a pilot project to gauge customer interest. We led user interviews and requirements gathering, translating customer desires into developer-ready designs. We reimagined their existing map, transforming it from a static map with area boundaries into the core of the product, where users could find relevant data based on their geographical areas. Through our work with charts and data, we also allowed the client to retire two other applications and consolidate their services.


Working with the development team to modernize the application with new navigation, screens, and information. The product has been well received through pilots, and is currently in development.

The Process

  1. Interviewed clients to gather requirements and understand how pipeline customers would read outage information and what they need to know to plan their operations around this.
  2.  Mapped out an ideal usage flow and decision diagram for an operator when they want to understand the status of a pipeline and the areas they impact.
  3.  Designed, iterated, and prototyped a low fi mockup to test with stakeholders and a selected user group to test for acceptance and usability.
  4.  Produced high fi mockups and development assets for the development team.

The Design

The key element the improved map where it shows a users the regions, and also areas that are related to the pipeline. Users can click on the map dots to read more about the outages planned in that specific area. This will lead them to a more detailed screen where they can learn about historical data as well as the times where additional outages may be planned.