About Us

Magnum Cementing

Corporate website with an interactive process section.

What Is it?

A corporate website that helps highlight the value and process that magnum cement services provide on well completion projects.

What We Did

Designed and developed a website on WordPress that includes an interactive explainer section on the magnum cementing’s home page . Visitors would be able to tap into each of the interactive sections as they roll up to learn more about the services. We worked closely with stakeholders and made suggestions and recommendation on design, while they gave insight into what industry leaders would look for when learning about completion services.


Prototypes was used to guide the discussion and design direction working closely with stakeholders and testers to determine the right type of information being presented to them. The result was a site that highlighted services that Magnum was proud to offer, as well as show process via 3D models that allow users to trust and understand what they’re buying into.

The Process

  1. Interviewed clients to gather requirements and understand what types of information customers would be looking for when they check for completions services.
  2.  Mapped out a usage flows for customers finding about services and building trust
  3.  Designed, iterated, and prototyped a low fi mockup to test with stakeholders and a selected user group to test for acceptance and usability.
  4.  Developed the site.

The Design

The key element to this site is the explanation animation. In this animation we can showcase key tools and elements in magnum’s wells completion. This allows the customers to visualize, understand the process, and can better plan for their projects.