About Us

EDR Mobile App

Live well data for operation managers and engineers.

What Is it?

A mobile app for operation managers and engineers to check on the progress and status of their wells (Energy service sector). Users should be able to glance through their list of wells, identify any issues, and
dive into the well’s activity.

What We Did

Designed and prototyped a well list that gave users a live high level glance at all their wells. Users should also be able to tap each well and take a peek at it’s progress. They should also be able to call the Tool Push or Company Man on site to confirm details. Users can also then dive deeper into the well’s traces to look at highlighted comments at specific points, and also monitor the drilling operation live. We also had to be mindful that these operations had to match behaviours users were accustomed to on the desktop portion of the software.


Prototype was used as a guide to kick off the development of this project. Development team was able to work along side us to deliver this product out to field. This set the path forward for new developments of their platform.

The Process

  1. Interviewed clients to gather requirements and understand how existing EDR tools work as well as the type of information management would be looking for when they check in on wells.
  2.  Mapped out a usage flows for a manager checking for updates on Well status, and an engineer looking for details on a well to make operation decisions.
  3.  Designed, iterated, and prototyped a low fi mockup to test with stakeholders and a selected user group to test for acceptance and usability.
  4.  Produced high fi mockups and development assets for the development team.

The Design

The key element to this app is the Depth chart. In this chart, engineers and managers a like could check on a well’s performance, health, and comments left by operators. The blue numbered boxes could be tapped to expand on comments at that particular depth and engineers can have a fuller picture of the status. At the bottom there are also configurable key metrics on the equipment for engineers to keep track of safety.