About Us

Contact Tracing App

A government issued contact tracing app

What Is it?

A government issued contact tracing app. This is a way to allow users to voluntarily track their own locations and trace who they had been on a specific day. This is a way for users to show government and health officials where they had been on specific days. This is also a way for the government to push out recommendations and safety notices.

What We Did

Designed and prototyped a very simple app, where the users can start their tracing and also view history on a selected date. Each date allowed the user to see on a map their location history as well as a list of specific locations. Due to privacy concerns at the time of design, users were also able to completely remove their stored location details.


Prototype was used for user testing as well as a development guide. The development team worked along side us to release the pilot project.

The Process

  1. Interviewed clients to gather requirements and understand both the government regulations as well as the type of tracking that they wanted to report against.
  2.  Mapped out a typical usage flow for somebody checking for updates on COVID news, affected areas, as well as presenting a traceable route to the government.
  3.  Designed, iterated, and prototyped a low fi mockup to test with stakeholders and a selected user group to test for acceptance and usability.
  4.  Produced high fi mockups and development assets for the development team.

The Design

The key element to this app was the map. Since the ask was for somebody to be able to easily check and show where they had been for the day, we thought it would be easiest done on a map. From the map, you can also see a list of the addresses and locations that you had been as well as timestamps for check in times.