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Lunch & Learn

  April 26, 2019lunch & learn Level Up Your In-House Talent @ Studio C&G Inc.’s Lunch and Learn Have you ever wondered why some applications seemingly blow up overnight … only to Google it and get lost in a bunch of design mumbo jumbo? Get ready for this...

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What is your website not doing for you right now?

  April 5, 2019 What Is Your Website NotDoing For You Right Now? Websites are necessary - they are a product of our time and the best way to demonstrate what a business has to offer - be it a service, a product, or any relevant information.  So it is no surprise...

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Top 3 Design Trends for 2019

  February 22, 2019 Top 3 Design Trends for 2019 Graphic design is an art form constantly in flux. Each year it gets more creative and dynamic as artists utilize their tools to form and shape the visual worlds around us in engaging and innovative ways. This year,...

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SCG Vol 3: The Commuter Mix

  Nov 16, 2018 The commuter Mix Commuting. In some circles, this is a word that invokes images of traffic jams, crammed public transit, and crowded elevators. It's a journey from home into the unknown, but never fear, DJ SCG is here to help make your ride a...

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