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Marketing as a Science

  June 6, 2019Marketing as a Science Marketing your product or service isn’t rocket science, but there is definitely some science behind creating a successful strategy.   Just like a lab study, we can create tests and controls to help us reveal what your target...

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When is it Time to Re-Think your Logo?

May 6, 2019 When is it time to re-think your logo? Your logo is a cornerstone piece to your business. A well thought out logo can imprint in the back of the brain and trigger recognition with people that has the potential to last through the ages as a symbol of what...

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The 5 Strategic Designs Small Businesses Must Have

  May 23, 2019 The 5 Strategic Designs Small Businesses Must Have Every business needs a brand, and every brand needs to be showcased as often as possible if it is going to be recognized.  If you have a small biz and you are trying to get it’s name out there for...

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Lunch & Learn

  April 26, 2019lunch & learn Level Up Your In-House Talent @ Studio C&G Inc.’s Lunch and Learn Have you ever wondered why some applications seemingly blow up overnight … only to Google it and get lost in a bunch of design mumbo jumbo? Get ready for this...

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