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Your Super Squad

the team you need to get things done

Hi, we’re Studio C&G!

We’re passionate about finding creative marketing solutions for businesses that want to achieve their full potential. Our mission is to help businesses realize their true value-add and show it off in the most original and extraordinary ways. You know you’re Number #1, let us help you tell them why.

We’ve been called a lot of things over the years: brand managers, digital marketers, web designers, graphic artists, copywriters, even social media coordinators. Our favorite one? Teammate, because that’s what we commit to being for our clients. We’re like your modern superhero crew, ready to back you up and take down your obstacles however they arise.

Co-Founder & Supreme Leader

“To present your business honestly is to remind yourself that you’re creating something for people, not machines.”

Born in Hong Kong and raised in the badlands of Drumheller, Canada, Gabe is fascinated by the intersection of design and technology. Gabe graduated from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Science in Engineering and is a Professional Engineer. After working with as a software developer for oil and gas applications, Gabe made the move to UX/UI design. An innovative designer with the mindset of a developer, Gabe is the creative force behind Studio C&G.

Super Powers

The greatest empath of all time, understanding what our client’s customers want.

Laser focus on what’s important and what’s useless noise.

Working on conjuring popcorn out of thin air.


Fried chicken, potatoes, skynet, biking, and snowboarding.

Supreme Leader?

With great titles come great responsibility. Lucky for us, Gabe doesn’t mind, and leads our client’s accounts to victory.

Co-Founder & Grandmaster

“Everyone loves a great story; one that’s memorable, shareable, uniquely theirs.”

Born and raised in Calgary, Canada, Christina has always studied how people define their lives through their stories and experiences. Christina has made a career out of writing contracts for oil and gas companies, spending over 12 years in the energy industry before turning her pen telling the stories of our clients. She graduated with distinction from the University of Calgary with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and a Bachelor of Commerce in Petroleum Land Management.

Super Powers

Weaving tales of brand heroics and creating brand legends.

Planning, risk assessment, and other traits you need to be really good at board games.

Working on her time travelling skills.


Trying new restaurants, fashion, and snowboarding.


In chess, a grandmaster needs to think ahead, and Christina is always looking at the bigger picture to check the king for our clients.

The Butcher

“That’s fucking dope!”

Originally from Panama, Eddie is an artist that’s always in motion, whether it’s creating videos, animation, or killing it on the dance floor as a breakdancer. A nomadic soul with wild style, Eddie has brought his talents to brands like P&G and Colgate, as well as grassroots companies in Calgary. Eddie graduated from the University of Panama, Republic of Panama with a Bachelors in Graphic Design.

Super Powers

The man who can cut, crop, and stitch anything back together in a way that blows your mind.

Serving up premium cuts and animation edits.

Working on his mind reading skills.


Chocolate cookies, music, and art direction


Gourmet butchery is the art of knowing the difference your materials make, and Eddy puts together fantastic cuts to make a delicious whole.

The Illusionist

“My inspiration comes from helping people and using my passion for design to build connections between people.”
Born in Lethbridge, Canada, but a die-hard Calgarian at heart, Dani feels her creations as much as she sees them on screen. Evoking emotions are at the core of her practice, and she believes design helps us understand the human condition. Dani graduated from Mount Royal University with a Bachelor of Communication in Information Design and has worked with various creative agencies in Calgary.

Super Powers

Creating astonishing graphic illustrations and designs.

Sometimes called the goddess of print material and media design.

Working on her flying skills.


Art, movies, long boarding, and snowboarding.


Now you see it, now you don’t. Dani is a professional at conjuring dazzling illustrations and hypnotizing images.